A Case for Ambition

Let’s get one thing clear, a “successful life” is no recipe for happiness. So, ambition, the fire in the belly of success, is a sorrow machine… right?


Ambition and success are not dependent on one another. Ambition does not guarantee that you will achieve what you set out to do, but it does facilitate a few processes:


  1. Ambition creates momentum


  1. Ambition sparks change


  1. Ambition brings life


Ambition Creates Momentum


Have you even just coasted? Are you making enough money?


Ambition Sparks Change


What if the task is too big? How big is the dragon you are fighting? Is it more like a gecko?


Geckos are fine and all, but only the best warriors can take on the dragons.


Solution to becoming someone legendary…


Get a bigger dragon.


Ambition Brings Life


Ambition requires work. That means output. Internal and external.


Internal output shapes you into the person you are supposed to be, the person capable of achieving your goals. If you have the right goals, even if you haven’t fully realize those goals yet, you are becoming a better person that you were yesterday. You will be a better person tomorrow.

This new person can better contribute to society.


You love your friends deeper, you serve your community with your kick-butt new skills.


Choose something new. Choose more.

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